Charter Broker’s Bill Of Rights

The Charter Broker’s Bill of Right’s (CBBR) is created to acknowledge the unique place occupied by brokers in the jet charter industry. The CBBR is designed to offer the Broker protection from Part 135 Operator’s who may solicit clients without a Broker’s explicit authorization. Under the CBBR

The Jet Charter Broker is an invaluable member of the Aviation Community who provides extraordinary attention to an End-User, including all pre, in, and post-flight services, as well as dispatch and flight following services to the client.

The Jet Charter Broker has specialized sales skills, and spends time and money to cultivate lasting client relationships.

The Jet Charter Broker relies on existing clientele to refer future business.

The Jet Charter Broker acts as an agent on behalf of the End-User, to review Part 135 operators based upon different criteria, including; operator independent safety rating, aircraft age, aircraft configuration, pilot training and pilot total hours and time in type, ARG/US Tripcheqs and Wyvern Pass
Ratings, and insurance coverage

Neither our Operations staff (including charter/dispatch/back-office people) nor our flight crews, will contact the End-User for any reason, unless explicitly requested by the Charter Broker.

For Broker trips, our Flight Crews have neutralized business cards with the aircraft tail number and their names on them. Mobile phone numbers are only provided at the request of the contracting Broker.

Our charter aircraft are neutralized, but for any information required by law.

We recognize and respect that two unique relationships exist during the Broker-chartered trip: The Broker-End-User relationship and the Broker-Charter Operator relationship. The broker is our Client. Privity lies between the Broker and the End-User, and nothing should come between that.